U.S.A. Harvest was founded in 1989 in Louisville, Kentucky. Our organization has expanded across the nation through the efforts of more than 125,000 volunteers.

We now have chapters in over 130 cities and towns from New York to Los Angeles, and from Minneapolis/St. Paul to Miami. However, hungry people exist in every corner of our country. Therefore, we also reach out to feed the hungry in places from Bangor, Maine to Olympia, Washington and from Bismark, North Dakota to Roswell, New Mexico.

U.S.A. Harvest is now serving over 5,400 agencies nationwide. Our volunteers have provided over 437 BILLION POUNDS of food to these deserving organizations. And by doing so, we've helped them save millions of dollars that have been re-allocated to other extremely important needs such as clothing, shelter, job training and opportunities, drug and alcohol rehabilitation and counseling programs.

And, we're proud to say that we accomplish all of these great things even though we don't solicit or accept any money from our government!

Remember, it's all about the food, and our primary focus is not fund- raising, it's "FOOD-RAISING!"


  • 1989 to 2006
  • 0 to 125,000 Volunteers
  • 0 to 130 Chapters
  • 0 to 5,400 Agencies Served
  • 0 to 11,600,000,000 Pounds of Food Raised


  • It's a very simple and passionate concept that people can really relate to: Moving food from people who have too much, to those who have much too little!
  • We're not fund-raisers, we're food-raisers
  • It's all about the food!
  • Volunteers pick-up surplus food from restaurants, hospitals and food suppliers and deliver it to missions, soup kitchens and food banks.


  • Continue to grow our Volunteer base with the sole purpose of feeding as many hungry people as possible.
  • To go out of business! (Because, if we go out of business, that means the problem of hunger will be solved.)

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FACT: People of every single race are affected by hunger




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