One of the exciting things about being involved with U.S.A. Harvest is the fact that there are so many great people and organizations that are part of the solution. Some examples of Our Star Supporters are as follows:

The Goo Goo Dolls Show The Love!

googoo.jpg The Goo Goo Dolls are showing their love for the homeless and the hungry of the United States by supporting U.S.A. Harvest...again...on their LET LOVE IN Tour! We thank Johnny, Robby and Mike for continuing to support our efforts in this critical cause.

So, if you love the Goo Goo Dolls as much as we do, give 'em your support by purchasing their new CD and catching them live when they come to your town!

Hilary Duff Isn't Kidding Around!

 Hilary Duff is serious about the hunger problem in the United States! She's on a concert tour and she's asking her fans to bring food to her shows, which will be donated to U.S.A. Harvest to feed the hungry. So far, she's raised over 4,000,000 pounds of food!

She's also serious about kids by working with the great folks at "Kids With A Cause!" Their volunteers help kids, who through no fault of their own, suffer from hunger, poverty, sickness, lack of education, abandonment and/or abuse.

So, if you don't want to kid around about the problems facing our children today, get serious about it! Go see Hilary in concert, donate food to U.S.A. Harvest and check out to see how you can help change a child's life for the better!

Also, look for her on television in True Hollywood Stories: Hilary Duff Revealed!

Scarlett Johansson Gains Over 1,500,000 Pounds!

 Scarlett.jpgWorld-famous film actress Scarlett Johansson has gained over 1.5 million pounds...of food to help feed the homeless and the hungry through U.S.A Harvest!

Also, to benefit the Hurricane victims, Scarlett, and our Founder Stan Curtis, even worked together in dishing out some of the food to the homeless at the Made Love Cafe in St, Benard Parish in New Orleans.

So, like Scarlett, if you'd like to help U.S.A Harvest gain some food donations, please email us at!

Green Day Saves The Day!

greendayphoto.jpgBillie Joe Armstrong, Mike Dirnt, and Tre Cool, otherwise know as the Grammy-AwardTM winning punk rock band Green Day, have joined forces with U.S.A. Harvest to help fight hunger throughout the United States. So, see them in concert when they come to your town during their 2005 American Idiot Tour. They'll be asking you to bring some food to help feed the hungry. Now those are three smart Americans!

On The Road Again!

averitt-conway.jpgAveritt Express and Con-Way Transportation have been supporters of U.S.A. Harvest for many years. The have selflessly donated trucks and drivers to distribute food to the Salvation Army in Las Vegas, Aid to the Homeless in New Orleans, and the Harvest Food Drive at Oklahoma University, just to name a few. Thanks for everything, and keep on truckin' guys!

And, a very special "thanks" to Jerry Sample, our U.S.A Harvest Ground Transportation Coordinator. Jerry is our key to making sure that the people in need get the food as quickly as possible!

Global Sports Access...Accesses Food For The Hungry!

global-logo.gif Global Sports Access is your #1 source for purchasing Tickets & Event Packages to any event around the globe! And, with every Ticket or Package, a portion of your purchase price will put more portions of food on the table for the homeless and the hungry!

You can purchase Tickets or Travel Packages to see your favorite Professional or College Sporting Event, Concert, Artist, Theatrical Performance, Award Show, Film Festival or Stage Act. So, act now!

Visit Global Sports Access and help U.S.A Harvest to access more food for the 25,000,000 Americans going to sleep hungry each night!

Hillerich & Bradsby Gets A Grip On Hunger!

hillerich.jpgHillerich & Bradsby, the makers of Louisville Slugger bats and gloves, has introduced the new Bionic™ Golf Glove which has been called "a major advancement in golf gloves." They're also making a major advance on the problem of hunger in the United States. Because, with each and every purchase, Hillerich & Bradsby is donating food to U.S.A. Harvest! Thanks for helping us get a grip on hunger!

I LOuisVillE…If You Do Too, Show Everyone!


U.S.A. Harvest was founded in Louisville, Kentucky and our Founder loves Louisville! A trademarked line of merchandise has been introduced that echoes his feelings, called: I LOuisVillE™! The owners of the brand, which includes David Hogan, a Member of the U.S.A. Harvest National Board of Directors, are donating 5% of all of their sales to U.S.A. Harvest! So, if you love Louisville too, show everyone by visiting

ILoveLouisvilleShirt.jpg      ILoveLouisvilleHat3.jpg


FACT: People of every single race are affected by hunger




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